Code Name: Genesis by Sawyer Bennett

Published: May 7, 2019

This is the first book in the Jameson Security Force series and a continuation of the novella that started this couple’s story. This story takes place twelve years after the first novella and after the relationship between Kynan and Joslyn fell apart. We knew something was going to happen from the cliffhanger of the first book but what I didn’t expect was that Joslyn was going to go on to become an actress even though that wasn’t something she ever wanted to do. That was a surprise twist.

Kynan hasn’t talked to or seen Joslyn since she up and left him three days after they declared their love for each other. That was 12 years ago. Now she is back because she needs a security team and she only trusts Kynan. He may be upset with her but there is no way that he will let anyone harm her again. So he starts his new job as her 24/7 bodyguard and when you’re around someone you have a history with that much you are bound to mess up and he did. He finally figured out why she left him and when she told him what happened (realizing it was all a misunderstanding) he slept with her. Not his finest moment. But after they work through that he realizes that he doesn’t want to live without her anymore. Now he just needs to beat her stalker to a bloody pulp and his day will be complete.

Joslyn hasn’t spoken with Kynan in 12 years and never had any intention of reaching out to him again. But when a man who has been stalking her for years breaks into her house and almost kills her she knows that she needs the best protection out there and that is Kynan. No matter what she trusts that he will protect her with his life, if necessary. What she doesn’t expect during this reunion is to still have feelings for him and to have to stop herself from acting on them. But as the past is revealed and she learns the truth she doesn’t think she can stop herself from acting on her feelings. That is if Kynan can stop being and ass and actually act like a human being every now and then. But when her stalker finally catches up to her she will realize what she is capable of and the lengths that Kynan will go to in order to protect her.

This book was more than I was expecting. I was expecting a typical second chance romance with the guy being a jerk in the beginning and a lot of pent up feelings coming into play. And though those elements were present it also had the added mystery of who the stalker was and what would he do next. That made this story not just another second chance romance and I appreciate it. I definitely think I’ll continue this series as the opportunity presents itself.

—“Everyone…Joslyn is tired and we’re going to bed. Don’t break anything.” -Kynan—

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