The Story of Home by Krista Sandor

Published: March 25, 2019

This book was so cute! It is the last book in the Langley Park series and it is my favorite of the series. Though I loved all of the books in this series I think that the build up to Zoe and Sam’s story was absolutely amazing. When starting this book I didn’t expect there to be much in the way of prologue chapters because I didn’t know that there was a past between the two. But I was wrong and the past between them is actually quite heartbreaking. Though of course no one in the storyline actually knows that.

Sam had thought that he could finally be happy when him and Zoe admit their feelings for each other but not is all as it seems. After he ghosts her, he doesn’t know how to make things better, then everything with Em happens and she leaves the state to go to college. When she comes back for Ben, Sam doesn’t know how to behave around her but soon they fall into an easy relationship of friendship. Soon the years blur together and their friendship becomes easy. The platonic duo. When Zoe announces that she is leaving town Sam insists on going with her. He can’t let her leave without knowing how he really feels.

Even though Zoe isn’t leaving town for good she can’t continue doing this platonic relationship with Sam. She simply can’t. But he insists on going with her to this couples retreat that she has booked in order to get a closer look at a reform institutions for girls where she believes that the girls are being abused by the people who are supposed to be taking care of them. After Sam reveals all of his secrets she feels like she can trust the decision to bring him along and their true feelings come out to play during this time. However, has Zoe opened a can of worms by investigating this prison or will she be the savior those girls so desperately need?

The suspense of this novel was on point. The fact that it wasn’t a suspense between the two characters made it even better for me because the readers already know they have feelings for each other it was just how were they going to be owned up to. In this case the suspense was in what was going on at the detention center for girls and what was the hush hush all about. When Zoe’s past comes back and clashes with her present it is the perfect ending to the story. What goes around comes around really is the theme of this book. I think y’all would really enjoy this novel and this series. With its end we say “goodbye” to the Langley Park series and “hello” to new books/series from Krista Sandor.

—“Scarred hearts and second chances. Welcome to Langley Park.” -Sam—

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