Baby Yours by Kennedy Fox

Published: May 23, 2019

This book was so very good. As the second book in a duet it picked up where the last one left off and it didn’t take it any time at all for me to get sucked into it. Which was a nice change from the first one which took me forever to really enjoy. Anyway, as the second in a duet you know that this one is the last book in Hunter and Lennon’s story but what you might not know is that Sophie and Maddie will be getting their own duets as well. Which means it’s basically a continued series!!

Anyway, the last book left off on the day that Hunter and Lennon were supposed to leave to see her parents in Utah only Jenna shows up pregnant at the apartment claiming it’s Hunter’s baby! Crazy cliffhanger there y’all but we got through it to read this book.

Lennon still doesn’t believe that Hunter being her fake husband is going to work but she desperately wants her parents involved in her baby’s life so she’ll do what she has to in order to make that happen. What she doesn’t realize is how easy it is to be in a fake relationship with Hunter. He makes her feel at ease and everyone comments on how “in love” they are. She knows it’s all Hunter’s doing. So when they get back to Sacramento and she has to face the fact that he has real feelings for her she doesn’t know what to do. Finding another boyfriend is not on her to-do list with a baby on the way.

Hunter doesn’t know how to convince Lennon that his feelings are real so when she shuts him down he takes it in stride. He knows how she feels about him but he gets that her priority is the baby. And when baby Alison arrives he is right there by her side. He won’t leave either of his girls ever even if Lennon doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. He loves her and he loved Brandon so he naturally loves their daughter who has quickly become the light of his life. But can he have it all with Lennon and Allie by his side?

Don’t worry there is definitely an HEA in this one and, to be honest, it did get a tiny bit angsty at times but those times didn’t last too long. These two characters complimented each other well and I really liked their snark. But it really heated up with that epilogue, y’all! It sets up beautifully for Sophie and Mason’s duet. And after everything that happened to Sophie in this book I’m going to be interested in seeing how she over comes it all. Overall, you guys are gonna love Hunter and Lennon and the end to their story.

Also, in a side note, I did receive an ARC of this novel for an honest review.

—-“Did you know stretch marks are forever? Those magical creams are all bullshit. My body looks like a damn road map.” -Lennon—-

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