Take the Bride by Carly Phillips

Published: May 28, 2019

This second chance romance was so good. Not only was it wonderful but it was also short and sweet. This second book in the Knight Brothers series is a novella from 1,001 Dark Nights. Since it has to do with the one Knight sister and is a second chance I think that a novella was the perfect length. It was short and sweet but didn’t go over board in trying to get the romance elements into the storyline.

Sierra is going to marry a man that she loves. Maybe she isn’t in love with him but they are compatible and that is enough for her. That is until her first love Ryder objects to their wedding. Like who does that? Is that even legal? No one does it outside of the movies but he did it and her husband-to-be freaks out but doesn’t fight for her. In fact he blames her for this. So when she needs to think about the chaos that is raining down on her wedding Ryder takes her out of the church and they end up at a couple’s resort. She doesn’t know if this was all planned but she can’t deny the feelings that are still there for him.

Ryder can’t believe he objected to Sierra’s wedding. His thought process and actions were all blank and he was panicking that he would never get another chance with her. So he opened his big stupid mouth and ruined her big day. That is the last thing he would ever want to do to her but when she is panicking from the chaos he offers to get her out of there. They end up in the Poconos where Sierra thought would be a great honeymoon destination in high school. It was by accident but now that they are there Ryder is going to use the time that he stole to convince her that he still loves her and never stopped.

Like I said, this is a short and sweet novella. Normally after I read a novella from 1,001 Dark Nights all I want is more story because they are too short but I think this one was just the right length. Granted I do want more from the Knight Brothers series as a whole but that is to be expected and I won’t have much longer of a wait for the next book. Kindle readers definitely need to grab this book and if you aren’t a kindle reader and can wait 90 days for it to go to the other platforms you are stronger than me. I would get the kindle app just to read the 1,001 Dark Nights books.

—-“Security and a future aren’t enough to base a lifetime on.” -Ryder to Sierra—-

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