The Red Zone by Amie Knight

Published: May 30, 2019

This novel was definitely one of the best ones I’ve read in a long time. I thought this would be just another second chance sports romance and it was so much more than that. There was so much feeling behind this novel that I just couldn’t put it down. True it was definitely a sports romance but the couple were so unique and the situation of their romance was really cute as well. If not slightly tragic. But this book was fabulous and though I did get an ARC from the fabulous people at Social Butterfly PR.

Lukas was living the dream as the quarter back for an NFL team but when tragedy strikes at home he has to leave Florida and go back home to Alabama. Now his entire world is football and taking care of his little sister who has downs syndrome. Just when he feels like he is for sure losing his mind he finds out that Scarlett (his first real love) is his sister’s teacher. Though she wants to keep a distance between them he has never been more up for a challenge.

Scarlett has never been in a serious relationship and she is okay with that. She spends her days doing what she loves and that is working with special needs children. However, when the boy she had a huge crush on in high school returns as the hottest man she has ever seen she knows her heart is in trouble. She doesn’t want to mix her professional life with her personal one but the lines just keep getting crossed with Lukas around. Because his sister is one of her students he uses that as an excuse to keep seeing her and though she sees it as the excuse it is she can’t seem to not be thrilled by it. But will she be able to protect her heart from him this time? Especially since she still needs to convince herself she isn’t that young teenage girl anymore.

Honestly, I don’t have anything negative to say about this novel. It was enjoyable to read and the characters were pretty unique as well. I’m really hoping for some continuing stories like Scarlett’s brother and best friend and/or one with Mason as well. I would definitely be into reading those. Either way you all should give this one a chance. It will be a quick read and something different.

—“Part of me loved the giddy giddy feeling he gave me even after all these years. The other part loathed the clumsy prepubescent inner me. She was a damn fool and I was over her fumbling ass.” -Scarlett—

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