The Defender by Donna Grant

Published: June 11, 2019

So I wasn’t expecting another Sons of Texas book after we finished the first three with the brothers. I was hoping for at least a novella on Orrin (hint hint) but that’s about it. So imagine my excitement when it was announced that we were going to get a fourth book and that it would be about Lev. Up until this point we don’t know much about him which makes him a good choice for a book that isn’t specifically about Texas. The action and the intrigue of this book was everything! I feel so lucky that I got an ARC from Inkslinger PR otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to this novel yet.

Lev has dedicated his life to protecting Sergei and his interests. So when Sergei volunteers him to go to the Ukraine he goes. He is supposed to stop an assassination but not all is as it seems with the agent who thwarted his rescue attempt. He has an instant connection with her even though she is a Saint. Soon they must rely on each other and only each other if they want to get out of Europe alive.

Reyna has been with the Saints for five years after being recruited from the CIA. And for five years she has been trying to figure out how to bring them down. When she hesitates to kill Lev she knows that she could be made as a spy. When that happens she needs to get away from the Saints and out of Europe. Lev only wants to get home to Sergei so he is the perfect partner in all of this. Capable without discounting her own abilities. Soon though, extreme circumstances and proximity cause feelings to come out to play so that when they reach the States the last thing she wants to do is leave his side.

There were unexpected twists and turns throughout this novel and the epilogue with Maks! I really hope his is the next book because if it isn’t that would be truly tragic. This novel will take you on an adventure that you won’t be able to put down. So slot out some time before you pick it up!

—“Then let’s go conquer the world.” -Reyna to Lev—

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