Roping the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

Published: June 14, 2019

This novella is a continuation of the Circle B ranch novels. Only now we’ve moved away from the actual Bishop brothers to their friends and ranch hands. I didn’t like this book as much as I had hoped I would. I thought Kat was a brat and Braxton could have done so much better for himself. Yes, the novel does have an HEA and Kat showed that she could be nice but by that time I was done with her as a heroine. I did get an ARC for an honest review of the novel. It was a quick read and only took a couple of hours to finish once I got to reading it.

Kat is the local gluten-free baker in town and her family owns half the town as well. Because of that she is considered a spoiled girl but in reality she has had to work hard to get where she is at. When she has a one-night stand with Braxton and promptly kicks him out the next morning then ignores him and pretends that the doesn’t exist is where her problems all started. She made an enemy out of doing that and after a terrible prank war she doesn’t know if they will ever be friends.

Braxton hasn’t stopped thinking about Kat and their one night together for the six months that they haven’t been together. Only now she hates him for reasons unknown and he doesn’t do anything to quell that hatred. In fact he stokes it so that she has actual reasons to dislike him. When she takes it a step too far and pranks him with a laxative muffin he knows that he needs to get even. So a prank war starts and gets ugly fast. Even through it all his feelings for her haven’t waned. Though the feeling to kill her has definitely gotten stronger.

—“Those old ladies are like a hundred. They probably lost their taste buds thirty years ago.” -Braxton to Kat—

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