Parental Guidance by Avery Flynn

Published: June 17, 2019

This novel was quite funny. Not as hilarious as previous Avery Flynn books (i.e. The Hartigan series) but it was still great and funny and I’m glad I’ve read it. I do enjoy not only a good sports romance but also a good romantic comedy. This novel is both with Caleb being a defenseman for the Harbor City Ice Knights and Zara just being sassy. I would definitely recommend this quick/fun read to anyone. In fact, I have already. Oh and before I forget I did receive an ARC for an honest review from the wonderful people at Social Butterfly PR. I don’t know if they actually read the blog posts but they are just awesome.

Ok. Caleb was filmed being a complacent asshole and now he needs to fix it. Fine. He wasn’t the leader he should have been and didn’t do anything to stop the rude talk that his teammate were spouting during their Uber ride. But does he really deserve to have his mom involved? Let alone have her pick out someone to date? No one deserves that yet here he is. Going out with the woman that his mother picked for him. And he has to be interviewed about his experience on television to promote the app used for this PR stunt. Since the woman his mother picked out wants nothing to do with him as well he thinks they have come up with the perfect plan. Go on the 5 dates knowing there won’t be a relationship at the end. But he has a problem with this. He actually likes the pint sized red head.

Zara is dared to join the dating app Bramble so that she can get into the Friends of the Library annual silent auction and ball. She knows that this is the probably the only opportunity she will have to connect with the lead collector of miniature artwork in the country and this could be what she needs to get her life off the ground. So she goes on a date with a giant of a man and they agree no relationship but they did not agree to no extracurriculars. Now, she doesn’t do relationships for obvious reasons but when Caleb is the only man to ever make her orgasm she might just trick herself into thinking that something more with him could work. Until they have a knock down drag out fight and both of them end up miserable.

I couldn’t put this book down. All I wanted to do was keep reading it and though I do hope that we return to The Hartigan series soon (hint. hint.) I think following these hockey players is going to be pretty hilarious. Especially since there is a teaser in the next book and it is about Tess! Which is going to be so freaking good!! So I can’t wait. Though this book is a stand alone you should read the Hartigan series first because it makes everything just a touch clearer and better. Enjoy!!

—“He thought he’d crossed the line with the mashed potatoes, but now she’d gone and destroyed the idea of there ever being a line. Pizza was sacred. There were no jokes to be made about the pie.” -Caleb (in response to Zara’s belief that “Pizza is overrated”. [an unfortunate belief to have])—

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