The Accidental Girlfriend by Emma Hart

Published: June 25, 2019

This book was hilarious and honestly I couldn’t have been happier with it. This is a romcom that is sassy, snarky, and sarcastic. The trifecta of s’s. I haven’t laughed this hard since the last Emma Hart book I think. Her romcoms continue to outdo each other and naming a favorite is really just one of that moment. Since I was fortunate enough to be chosen for Emma Hart’s review team I should state that I did get an ARC for this novel in exchange for an honest review. That being said this book was great.

Alright so, Lauren is dared into putting up an ad for a fake date during her most recent girls night. Now, she doesn’t want money for the date and doesn’t even think anyone will respond considering the crap she wrote but boy was she wrong. The next morning she had a response but funny enough it was from the potential date’s sister. The sister thought her brother needed a date to his high school reunion and wanted Lauren to be it. Well, fine that isn’t too bad. At least not yet. She decides on the reunion and finds out that her date Mason is incredibly hot and she realizes that this might be a problem.

Mason didn’t need a date to his high school reunion. He was fine going with his best friend but when he finds out that Lauren is smoking he almost wishes he was dating her for real. But he isn’t ready for that. His cheating ex saw to that. But when his little sister throws him under the bus he needs to convince Lauren to be his fake girlfriend in front of his family. Unfortunately, the little things called feelings start to develop and he doesn’t know how to shut them off. Just like his elderly relatives he has to roll with what’s being thrown at him.

So first this couple was so awkwardly cute! Honestly loved them! Second, no one can write crazy relatives like Emma can. It honestly makes me appreciate the level of crazy my family is. Because it isn’t at that level. Finally, if you’re reading this looking for those steamy scenes this isn’t the book for you. Emma Hart recently posted on social media that her books are moving away from the sex scenes and are more in the funny. There are still one or two scenes with a whole lot of sexual tension but her books are firmly in the romantic comedy section. Honestly, it has taken me a few books to not be put off by the lack of what makes a romance novel a romance novel but I’ve come to appreciate the difference and look forward to all the laughs I’m gonna get from the random stuff her characters say. If you want a good laugh with a super cute couple this is your book!

—-“Look, if a man can’t take me eating a cheeseburger in his passenger seat, he doesn’t deserve me eating his dick in his bedroom.” -Lauren—-

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