Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster

Published: September 24, 2013

After reading the first two books in the series I knew that I couldn’t just stop with the cops. I had to read the novel about the “hoodlum” with a heart of gold. I mean Rowdy Yates was such a big part of the first novel and then again (though to a lesser extent) the second novel that when it came time to read his, I just knew that I had to. Though this post is rather late because I read this book a few months ago that doesn’t take away from how good the book was. And like the other two that I read, I listened to the narration of this and absolutely loved it! But I already knew what everyone was going to sound like so that helped a lot.

Rowdy Yates was you typical bad boy. Only now that his sister is married to a cop he needs to stay on the up and up. So he sets down roots which is something that he has never done before. He purchases a bar that is two seconds from going under an really turns it around. What helps with that is his need to be around Avery. Only after she walks in on him and another woman in his office he doesn’t think there is ever going to be a “them”. He knows that the chemistry is there but won’t do anything without her go ahead. But now that she is the bartender for the bar he wants to make sure that she stays happy and safe. Then he realizes where she lives and later why she lives there his over protectiveness comes out to play. But Avery is stubborn and he might just push her away.

Avery Mullins is just trying to fly under the radar. After everything the man who wishes she was his did to her she knows that he could be back at any moment and just wants to stay out of the way. She thinks that the perfect way to do that is by working in a hole in the wall bar and it was until Rowdy Yates takes over. Their attraction is instant and though the man could have the pick of any woman he wants he insist that she is what he wants. After being attacked she doesn’t know how to be intimate with a man again but if she is going to go there Rowdy is the man that she wants. He has a loyal and protective streak a mile long and she doesn’t want to be just another person who need his help. She wants to be everything to him. But when her past shows back up she is going to have to admit that she can’t do this on her own and needs the street savvy Rowdy to help her.

This book was gripping and so good right from the start. We learned more about Rowdy Yates and what made him the way he is and about why Avery is trying to fly under the radar and working in a bar that was known for its drug deals. The two of them together had fireworks and the storyline moved right along with it. Definitely a must read if you have read the first two and even if you haven’t this is a true standalone so it works just fine without you reading the previous novels.

—No quote this time. Hope you enjoyed the review!—

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