Man Fast by Krista Sandor

Published: June 10, 2019

Going into this novel I was thinking it was just going to be another billionaire romance and it wasn’t. It was so much more. The characters were fantastic and the concept of a man fast was hilarious. I also enjoyed how the author took readers on her social media to see some of the places mentioned in the book so that the reader could have a better idea of what Denver looked it. I devoured this novel and I think you will too.

Brennen Bergen is the middle child to the Bergen Brothers who are heirs to the Bergen Mountain Sports enterprise and up until he is threatened with being cut off he acts exactly like many think billionaires act. He has a different woman on his arm every night and jets around the world at the drop of a hat. However, he has been getting even more out of control so his grandparents and his brother (the CEO of Bergen Enterprises) tell him if he doesn’t step up as the head of their philanthropic branch then he will be cut off. Thus why he ends up in a first grade classroom with the most adorable woman he has ever met. No one has ever stood up to him before but this one isn’t afraid of him at all. She is knew to Denver so she doesn’t even know who he is and doesn’t really care. This one woman has turned everything on its axis for him. So now he needs to figure out how to work around her man fast.

Abby Quinn moved to Denver because her cousin lives there and she needed a new place after her mooch of a boyfriend left her after five years together. She spent so much time doing what he wanted and trying to support him that she doesn’t even know herself anymore so she decides that she will do a man fast for 74 days. No dating, no kissing, no sex. Just self evaluation for 74 days. That plan sounds like a strong winner until she meets Brennen Bergen. It is hate at first sight. First he makes her late for her first job and then he is the volunteer for her class room and because he swore in front of her class she isn’t paying attention to them and one of the kids pulls the fire alarm. Not the greatest way to start the first day of the semester. Eventually though he seems to grow on her and he does have a sweet side to him. But the going to dinners and the attraction are seriously messing up her man fast. Can she continue with it? Does she even want to?

Yes this book was really good but I did initially think that the concept was a bit weak. But after reading it I”m happy to report that it worked out real well. There were a ton of feelings (both good and bad) and you could really tell the character growth between the two of them. It also set up nicely for the next book Man Feast that I will tell you now is absolutely fabulous. So don’t miss out on Man Fast so you can go ahead and read Man Feast out on July 15th!

—“You also called me the King of Colorado, but that seems a little pretentious. I’m good with the duke.” -Brennen to Abby—

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