Dash of Peril by Lori Foster

Published: March 25, 2014

This novel was definitely different than the other three in the series. In this one the heroine is an alpha female and doesn’t need a man to help or protect her. I’m not saying the other heroines in the previous books weren’t self sufficient but Margaret is the Lieutenant at the Police Station so she has to deal with over bearing men all the time. The hero of this novel also isn’t the macho badass that we’ve come to expect. Dash has strengths in other things but that doesn’t make him any less essential to the novel.

Margaret “Margo” Peterson has been undercover for several months trying to catch the guys who are kidnapping women from the streets in front of bars, drugging them, and then making porn movies with their unwilling victims. She knows she is close if she just keeps at it but the trail has gone cold. After a sour encounter with Dash she decides to go home only to be t-boned and have men start shooting at her. She can honestly say that if Dash hadn’t followed her she probably would have been dead. She knows that it is the same people who are kidnapping the woman but she can’t do a damn thing while her arm is in a sling. And Dash has appointed himself her caretaker. She has spent so long being alone and being told to toughen up that letting someone else help her is more difficult than she thought. She also wants what Dash wants but doesn’t think that a relationship would work with her putting her life on the line in her job all the time. And now with the men after her she feels justified that it won’t work.

Dashiel “Dash” Riske has had a thing for Margo for while but knows that she won’t take someone just coming in and controlling for her. She is a force to be reckoned with so when she is almost killed Dash doesn’t want to leave her side. This soft side of Margo is one that he has never seen and doesn’t really want to lose. The tug-of-war between them though doesn’t help with the wanting. He insists on being a part of finding the guys who are out to get her and even though he isn’t a cop he isn’t without his own set of skills. But will they be enough to convince Margo that he is the perfect partner for her?

As the last book in the series it wasn’t as gripping to me as the previous ones but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. I loved the strong female character that was Margaret Peterson and I also loved that Dash let her be herself rather than trying to control her or take away her power. He did it all on her terms. While still being a sexy alpha. I definitely recommend this series and the audiobooks. They were great!

—-“I have a mostly naked woman making me insane. How romantic do you expect me to be?” -Dash to Margo—-

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