Toxic Game by Christine Feehan

Published: March 5, 2019

I loved this novel even thought I wasn’t super confident that I would. The summary didn’t give me a whole lot to go on. Which made me wonder what was going to happen with the hero and heroine. Now I read this right when it came out so obviously my blog post is a bit delayed. Things just haven’t been working in my favor to get out as many blog posts as I would like so it’s definitely a work in progress. Anyway, if you haven’t picked up the Ghostwalker series you definitely need to. This one is the most recent and it deals with the pretty big genius Draden and his matched woman Zara.

Draden and his team are sent to the jungle to kill the insurgents in the area and find out what killed an entire village. They are afraid that it is a new bio weapon that has a very quick turn around period. When evac-ing from the jungle Draden is hit with a strain of this virus and immediately knows that his chances of survival are zero to none. With that mindset he figures he’ll go out on a blaze of glory and take out as many of the rebel forces as possible. Because he is a ghost in the night and there is no way they can catch him.

Zara was sent in to kill the scientists responsible for the virus. They worked for Dr. Peter Whitney and went rogue. They developed this virus and then sold it to the highest bidder. She has been careful thus far to not be exposed to it but when she pulls Draden from the river she is exposed and now they are both looking at a countdown clock. Only Zara never wants this clock to hit zero.

There is just way to much goodness in this book to be able to express it in a blog post. And though I loved it and really want the next book now (especially with things heating up around Whitney) I would love to have some more stories from the other teams. Like I need Javi’s story in my life! We haven’t seen team 3 in forever!! But I think I’ve made my point clear with the wonderful author, Christine Feehan, on Twitter because when I’m worked up about a book it is both hilarious and not so pretty. Read this book! You won’t regret it!

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