No Limits by Lori Foster

Published: August 26, 2014

This book wasn’t necessarily a continuation of the the Love Undercover series but it could definitely be a spin off. Since the characters were first introduced in the previous series and their connection is defined there as well. This book was such a quick read. I actually listened to the audiobook and read the book. Which is how good it was! I couldn’t put it down after I finished listening to the audiobook for the day.

Cannon is a world famous MMA fighter and when he returns home from his latest fight in Japan he finds out that old man he helped once upon a time had passed and split everything between him and his granddaughter Yvette. Before all of the terrible things happened to Yvette (in the book Dash of Peril) she would constantly flirt with Cannon. She was too young for him then but he hasn’t stopped thinking about that one kiss they shared. He knows that she left Ohio and never looked back after the incident but he has thought of her constantly. And now that he is forced to be near her and work with her he is excited to see the woman she has become. Only strange things start to happen around her and he will be damned if he lets anything happen to her again.

Yvette left Ohio after her grandfather and her were almost killed by thugs who were trying to get to the police lieutenant. After her grandfather passed she came back to go through everything but didn’t expect him to have left half of everything to Cannon. She made such a fool of herself with her crush of him and was content to never see him again. But Cannon seems to want to pick up where they left off and see if their chemistry can become anything more. Lend that to the fact that her ex-boyfriend has followed her to Ohio in order to ‘win her back’ Cannon will not be leaving her alone anytime soon. Surely she can have some fun with him and then go back to her life. Right?

Like I said it was a quick read and had some pretty heartfelt moments in it. Cannon and Yvette were just the best and the issues that they worked through together were so real and not any made up conflict. It should definitely be on your TBR list and I can’t wait to get to the other books in this series.

—-I suck at getting quotes lately.—-

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