Man Feast by Krista Sandor

Published: July 15, 2019

This book was so good and I actually liked it much better than the first novel. Which is really what you want from the second novel in the book. If the third one is better than this one then I will be surprised and delighted. But I do like the enemies to lovers trope so that might have something to do with it. I was lucky enough to get an ARC for this novel from the author for an honest review and I can honestly tell you all that you need to read it.

Elle Reynolds is one of the best travel writers out there today. The only problem is that she entrusted a scammer with her earnings and was cleaned out. So she accepts to do the reimagining campaign for Bergen Enterprises. The main issue with the incredibly lucrative job is the CEO of Bergen Enterprises, Jasper Bergen. He wants to control everything that she does and that just doesn’t work for her. Their animosity was instant and their families think that means there are some feelings there between them. Well, the only feeling they know is hatred until they decided to put everything aside for one night of passion and tequila. The chemistry and attraction was off the charts but they need to make sure that people don’t find out about this. However, when their time together increases the feelings also become more intense until Elle doesn’t want to lose Jasper but the secret she has to share with him after their whirlwind romance may just ruin them.

Jasper Bergen is the epitome of CEO. His life is regimented and nothing takes him by surprise. That is until his grandparents hire Elle Reynolds to run their new PR campaign. He doesn’t think a flighty travel writer is what Bergen Enterprises needs at all. Then one night of just straight up sex has him wanting her like he has never wanted anything else. She has broken down his regimented life and he doesn’t know what to do about that. As they decide to continue with their “affair” Jasper decides that he can let her do her job without his oversight but he still wants to be a part of her everyday life. They have become a couple but when Jasper finds out Elle’s secrets he freaks out and ruins everything. Now he needs to figure out how to get his woman back.

The book was quick and hit me right in the feels. Jasper and Elle were so good together and they were so broken without each other. The romance between them was quick and super hot with the feelings coming in later. Much like a true enemies-to-lovers story for sure. You all should definitely give this book a shot and make sure you check out the first one in the series as well.

—“She held Jasper’s gaze. ‘I want him’. A mischievous glint sparked in his yes. ‘Are you sure? There will be spreadsheets.'” -Elle and Jasper—

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