Dark Alpha’s Redemption by Donna Grant

Published: August 6, 2019

I am in love with all parts of Donna Grant’s Dark World. But the last Reaper book left everyone wondering if there were going to be more of them. Especially since their main enemy is dead and the first group of reapers have found their happily ever afters. So I’m very glad that she is now writing for the second group and the first book of them is Bradach. Additionally, I got an ARC from the publisher for an honest review. You know, in case you cared.

Bradach doesn’t like Dark Fae. He cannot be around them without wanting to punch one in the face. So when he is given the mission to get close to the Dark Fae Maeve the Merciless he has to constantly convince himself that he can be around her and the other Dark Fae without blowing his cover. When he sees her though he isn’t prepared for the gut punch reaction he gets to her. The attraction is instant but she is a Dark Fae and they are the scum of the Earth. Only he can’t seem to get his body on board with his thinking. Which is really a shame because it will make the mission that much harder to handle. Though not all is as it seems when it comes to Maeve the Merciless. Maybe he has more in common with a Dark Fae than he thought?

Maeve hates being around people. The only person she can stand is her best friend and surrogate brother, Leon. But that night she can’t even be around him because the King of the Darks is present at her ball and he brought a friend that has stolen all of her attention and her wits. When Balladyn asks her for a favor she agrees. For one in return, of course. But in order to work with Bradach she needs to figure out what makes him tick especially since he is asking her to betray the trust of Usaeil. She knows he has secrets but she has them too and will not confide unless he does. That is until Usaeil sends out her Trackers to kill her. Then she needs all of the allies she can get as the climax of a war she is just learning about looms in the near future.

This book y’all! This freaking book! It was a slow-ish start for me but once we met Maeve and got to see her and Bradach interact it was all over. I was totally into this book in a can’t put it down way. Both characters are so broken and though that’s almost a requirement to be a reaper the fact that Maeve’s broken fit Bradach’s made them perfect for each other. As this book has come to a close the Dragon Kings are still on the hunt for Con with information from Erith that he indeed can teleport away at any time because it is infused with one of the gifts she gave him. So that means he is biding his time in what ever fashion Usaeil has him in. Things are heating up as the Reapers and the Dragon Kings are facing a larger war than either of them realize.

—“It was a mistake. A huge blunder that was going to come back and bite him in the arse. Hard. Bradach knew it as surely as he knew that the woman beside him had him by the balls.” -Bradach about Maeve—

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