Dare Me Tonight by Carly Phillips

Published: August 6, 2019

As the final Knight brother book we finally get to see what has been going through Ethan’s head since we first met him in Sebastian’s book after his wife was found dead. This book wasn’t as much of a rollercoaster as I expected it to be because Ethan actually wanted to change. At least he did a little less than halfway through the book which was unexpected.

Sienna Dare is the baby of the Dare family. She has had a hard life and feels responsible for having broken up her half-siblings family when she was just a little girl. Though at the time none of them knew that her father had two families except his mistress. Sienna’s mom. When her older brother Ian convinces her to go to NYC to check out a Master’s program her sponsor for the trip is Ethan Knight. Who just so happens to be working on Ian’s new football stadium. What Sienna doesn’t expect is how sexy Ethan is and how instant her attraction is to him. So though their time is short together she decides to finally sleep with a man and wants to make it him. Little does she know that decision will make life more complicated than it ever should have been.

Ethan Knight is the head of Knight Time Technologies and as any good CEO he is serious all the time. Only he has become a real asshole since he found out about his wife’s drug use and infidelity. When he is asked by Ian Dare to host his baby sister he figures he will have to play babysitter to a spoiled rich girl but she is nothing like he thought she would be. After one night (that should never have happened) he can’t stop himself from thinking about her constantly. When they are forced to be in Miami together things start to heat up as the hands and other body parts do not stay to themselves.

This book was a slowish burn but it was also so good. I loved the changes that we got to see in Ethan and the more minor changes in Sienna. The unexpected pregnancy and the way this couple handled it was quite typical of a contemporary romance but that did not make it any less interesting to read. And since I haven’t read any of the Dare series I really want to because there were so many characters mentioned that I didn’t know their back story! It’s only a problem if you’re anal like me. If you aren’t you will enjoy this book without issue. I hope you go out and get your copy today.

—-“Fat lot of good that does me with him gone…” -Sienna to Ian about Ethan—-

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