Truly Mine by Kennedy Fox

Published: August 13, 2019

This book hits you in the feels. We were all waiting with baited breath at the end of Lennon and Hunter’s story for what is going to happen to Mason well this one definitely tells us. And the ENDING!! But thankfully, this is a duet series so the second book isn’t too far behind the first one. Only a couple of weeks and I think we can all survive it. Even if you didn’t read Lennon and Hunter’s story you should definitely read this one. Yes, their history is mentioned but this really does focus on Mason and Sophie. And before I forget, I did get an ARC from Wildfire Marketing Solutions for an honest review.

For the first time since the tragedy Mason has felt a deeper connection with a woman and it happens to be a stranger. They have an amazing hookup in a bar bathroom but it is only afterward that he finds out she is his best friend’s girlfriend’s sister. Which means off limits. So he does the only thing he thinks he can and tells her they just need to be friends. And he tries. Well, he tries as well as he is able to but he just keeps pushing Sophie away so instead of being someone she trusts and can turn to when she really is in trouble she accuses him of being jealous. He knows that is all his fault but when the fucker starts to hit her and he finds out all he sees is red. Then is the moment that has the potential to change his life. He will defend those he loves but when he is staring down the barrel of a gun (literally) he realizes that his in ability to have a relationship is what has brought them all to this point.

Sophie normally doesn’t hook-up with strangers in a bar but she can’t help but admit how instantly attracted she is to Mason. When he pull the “let’s be friends” card she is disappointed but is determined to make a friendship work. Only he is an asshole to her at every opportunity even when they are all grieving the loss of Brandon. So when she finally finds someone that will love her she holds on with all she can. Only she doesn’t see the wolf in sheep’s clothing right away. It isn’t until she is convinced that Weston will kill her that she decides she needs to make a move. Only then suddenly he isn’t here anymore and Mason is in trouble and she is sure it is her fault. Is this what spiraling feels like? Because she thinks her feelings are definitely causing her to spiral.

Now, Kennedy Fox warned us that this would be slow burn and it was but I also wasn’t as slow as I was expecting it to be. Honestly, I was expecting it to be as slow as the first Lennon & Hunter book but I found that it was rather gripping and fast paced even when it went from present day to what lead up to the present day events. And that ending will leave you all on the edge of your seats waiting for more. I know I said that but it needed to be said again. Just in case you weren’t listening the first time. Check this one out now or wait until the second installment comes. Either way you should read it!!

—“She’s bold, and her filter is as nonexistent as our government.” -Mason about Maddie—

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