Beauty and the Bayou by Erin Nicholas

Published: August 13, 2019

With every book of the Boys of the Bayou series I am sucked in more and more. I liked the first two books but this one was so good. I had a hard time putting it down. Not only that but it was a quick read and the connection between the characters was instant. They were so good together and of course the Landrys are just the most hilarious family in books. I wish they were real but I’m sure there are some Cajun families exactly like that. Anyway, I received an ARC from Social Butterfly PR for an honest review and I honestly think you all should read this novel!

Sawyer has been getting on his family’s nerves and though he realizes that he can’t stop himself. He just wants them all to be safe and that isn’t going to happen if they don’t take the dangers of the bayou seriously. But when he meets Juliette he realizes that he can be Mr. Safety but also be like the old him too. And he really wants to be his old self again. He wants to stop worrying about everyone and making everyone walk on eggshells around him but damn, it’s hard to not overreact when his family does stupid things. Then again they are a family of Cajuns who have be around the Bayou for generations, of course they are going to think they know better. Juliette, however, is an outsider and listens to him and actually is prepared for every scenario no matter how unlikely. It also doesn’t hurt that she is gorgeous under all of her safety gear. Maybe with her help Sawyer can learn to let go and live his life again.

After having a stroke at 10 years old, Juliette is always prepared. She has had to fight for her freedom from her hovering parents and did that by having a plan A, B, & C. Only now she doesn’t know how to not be prepared and that takes all of the spontaneity out of life. She wants to just have fun but doesn’t know how to not plan it. So when she meets Sawyer at the dock her brother destroyed and they are going to help rebuild she finally doesn’t think she is crazy for being so prepared because he is too. Only his fear is for other people and hers is that she is going to hurt herself again. She is also afraid that she will eventually get on his nerves because of her need to take so many precautions but Sawyer is the kind of man who rolls with them. If she needs them he provides it. End of story. She doesn’t even know if this man is real but she does know she doesn’t want to leave him after two weeks.

Hilarious. This novel was so good. The characters were well written and had obvious development as the story went along and it had so much emotion behind it. Also, I know that Erin Nicholas is from the Midwest but I need to know if she has a connection of North Dakota. This is the second book that talks about tourists from North Dakota and that just never happens!! I know because I’m from the state and ND is just not one that makes it into a lot of romance novels. I’ll find out this information one day! But for now you all need to go read this book and prepare for Kennedy’s story. I think it’s going to be a doozy.

—“You’re really going to take a couple weeks off to hang out and … nail stuff?” -Kennedy to Sawyer—

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