Pucked Up by Helena Hunting

Published: October 25, 2015

This was probably my least favorite Pucked book. And yes I’ve read the entire before I wrote this post so I can say that. I’m not saying it was bad it just wasn’t as good as the other ones and that is probably because it was all done from Buck’s point of view. And my dislike for only one person’s point of view is pretty well documented in this blog. However, it was interesting to read a romance from just the male’s point of view. That was new.

So this novel is about Miller “Buck” Butterson and Sunshine Waters. Miller has a terrible reputation with the puck bunnies and no matter what he does he can’t seem to stop fucking everything up. No matter how hard he tries things just keep happening to him and it doesn’t help the Sunny is listening to her best friend Lily and her brother Alex instead of him. Though to be fair she has been very patient with him and has listened to him in almost every instance but eventually she is going to start really doubting that every instance is an accident.

When Sunny goes on a camping trip with Lily, her boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend, Miller has a slight meltdown. He can tell that Sunny’s ex is still hung up on her even though he is a douche of the highest degree and though he trusts Sunny he does not trust the bushman to keep his hands to himself. When there are pictures with him with girls from the hockey camp he is a counselor at Sunny seems to have finally reached the end of her rope. She not only lets Alex break is nose but she leaves with her ex again without talking to him. It seems like they were doomed from the start.

So even though this wasn’t my favorite novel from the Pucked series, I did enjoy it. It had a lot of hilarious moments in it because of the situations that Miller and Randy found themselves in and it had a lot of heart to it. The feelings were real. Like I said earlier also, it was very interesting reading a romance novel entirely from the male’s perspective I hadn’t had that before. Still think it needs both but at least I wasn’t left wondering what was going through the male’s head. Only the female’s this time. Definitely check this one out if you are a hockey romance fan or if you just like the series!

—-“Hockey was my girlfriend.” -Miller to his dad, pg. 314—

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