Kiss Me Not by Emma Hart

Published: August 27, 2019

This book is yet another example of the perfect RomCom. I was splitting a gut throughout most of it and honestly it is not easy trying to keep that kind of laughter in when you are in the break room of your office. It seemed that whenever I was reading a particularly hilarious part people were around. Why? Because the universe hates me and I don’t like people. This is why I like Emma’s books so much. Her protagonists hate people as much as I do. Anyway, I did receive an ARC from the lovely Emma and her team for an honest review and honestly, go buy this book.

Halley is the reigning kissing booth champion for the last 4 years. She knows that she has this year in the bag until she finds out who her competition is. Preston. Good looking, young, rich Preston. The Preston who she has had a crush on for year and who every single woman in their town is trying to trick into marriage. Did I mention that he is rich? Anyway, Preston gets on her last nerve and she can’t help but make a bet with him on who can kiss more people. When she loses she kisses him on the cheek but when it’s best two out of three and she wins she fully expects a kiss from him. She gets that and then some. Now she is having dinner with him and explaining why she is taking care of the raccoons in her backyard even though they are all jerks. What’s a librarian to do when her fantasies actually become reality?

Preston only agreed to do the kissing booth so he could knock Halley off of her throne. Is he proud of that? Nope. But it was the only way to spend time with her where they wouldn’t be fighting all the time. He clearly didn’t think this through though. All the women he would be kissing and all the men she would be kissing. This was hell and now he knew that. But he was determined to dethrone her and if he had to kiss a ton of women to do it he would. That is until he finally kisses her. Then she is the only one whose lips he wants to feel but of course (like a dude) he screws it all up right away but inadvertently making fun of her love of raccoons. He never thought that would be an issue.

This book was constant laughter and I love that she is a librarian. Mostly because I am one and we are boss. We are also the best people to have on a trivia team. True Story. Also, it was a quick read and though it doesn’t have a lot of the sexy romance elements to it I knew that going in so I was perfectly fine with it. This is a definite must read and I can’t wait to see how Reagan reacts to finding the owner of her unsolicited dick pick.

—“‘How the fuck do you know this random shit?’
I sipped my wine. ‘I’m a librarian. There’s an encyclopedia of random shit up here.'” -Preston & Halley—

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