Naughty Neighbor by Erika Lynn

Published: August 29, 2019

This book was so cute and it was a short one too. I do like that I knew it was going to be a novelette going in. That way there wasn’t any disappointment when the story was too short or super long. I’m always miffed when I think a story is going to be regular length and it is either super short or super long. This isn’t one of those. Anyway, Naughty Neighbor is the debut novel from Erika Lynn and I think they’ll only get better.

Quinn has sworn off relationships after her ex boyfriend cheated on her. But after he neighbor hears her pleasure herself to him having sex with another woman she decides to help him out by pretending to be his girlfriend. Well, it was only supposed to be a one time think to make the clinger go away but the clinger doesn’t get the hint and he ends up spending more time with her than she had anticipated. This would be fine if her heart could separate sex and feelings.

Because this novel was so short the only one point of view didn’t bother me as much as it normally does. I didn’t get as invested in knowing what both characters were thinking at any given time. So it was good. I’m looking forward to the next novel from this new author.

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