Pucked Over by Helena Hunting

Published: January 22, 2016

The third book in the Pucked series is all about Randy Ballistic and Lilly LeBlanc and their love of getting it on in bathrooms. I laughed so hard during this novel. Not as much as Alex and Violet’s novel but those two were just crazy. This was a quick read and unlike book two it had both points of view in it. And slowly but surely y’all will get all of the Pucked books as reviews.

Lilly lives in Canada and had some pretty hot sex with Randy when he was there with his friend Miller. But that’s all it can be. Her sperm donor was a professional hockey player and she swore she would never get involved with them. Then she met Randy. It was so nice being with someone who actually thought she was beautiful instead of a twig. As an olympic hopeful figure skater she is tiny and that means her assets are tiny too. Randy doesn’t seem to mind though since he keeps wanting to hook up whenever they are in the same place. But can she keep her feelings out of this arrangement now that she found someone who likes her for her?

Randy doesn’t do relationships. Once a woman becomes too clingy he splits. He doesn’t want to end up like his father who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. So when he meets Lilly and has an instant connection with her he comes up with a friends with benefits situation. Only he seems to be addicted to everything about her, especially her taste. So when he wants more he doesn’t know how to go about convincing her to give him a shot or if he can actually handle a relationship.

Both of these characters were so broken in different ways it just made them more relatable. Even though Lily was stick thin she wished she had the boobs and curves that Sunny and Violet have but with the way that Randy worships her she gets the self confidence boost that she deserves and needs. Randy was told his entire life that he was exactly like his father and he doesn’t want anything to do with him. Which is why he won’t do relationships because he doesn’t want to hurt a woman the way his mom was hurt. Both characters had to realize the way they were characterizing themselves and change that. Which is wonderful character development in a novel. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on the next one with y’all!

—-“It’s big.” / “Like, hammer of death big?” / “Um, we use the gold condoms, not the regular ones.” -Lilly and Violet, pg. 273—

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