Forever Pucked by Helena Hunting

Published: March 29, 2016

And we are moving right along with the Pucked series. I always like it when authors go back and give us another book about couples who were either the first ones or ones we haven’t seen in awhile. In this case we are revisiting the power couple of Alex and Violet. And they really are a power couple because no one else could honestly handle all of that crazy. No one.

Violet hates crowds and really hates being in weddings. Even when it’s her own. Every time someone brings up the wedding she breaks out in hives. It was a disaster at her engagement party but no one seems to understand her aversion to the big ceremony. In fact she’s put it off for so long that she knows Alex is starting to get worried and she doesn’t want that. So when Alex is taken out on the ice and rushed to the ER she realizes that whatever needs to happen with the wedding is fine because she could lose him at any time. So she is determined to be the best fiancée possible while nursing Alex back to health and planning a wedding. What could go wrong?

Alex is worried that the wedding planning might be too much for Violet. She is so stressed out about it all that he can’t help but to think some of it is indeed his fault. So after his concussion and injuries on the ice, he has a lot of time on his hands and offers to take over the wedding planning. Little does he know that this might save his marriage before it even begins. Though getting back on the ice is slower than he wants he feels like he is getting to learn more about Violet in the process and now that she is working from home he can spend more time with her. But he can’t do much about the alone time until he is cleared by the doctor. So now he will just deal with a case of blue balls and the pushy wedding planning of his mother.

This book was such a quick read and like Pucked it was hilarious. Violet and Alex stay just as crazy as they have been in the books previous. Well, Violet is crazy and Alex just tries to reign it in. I loved reading about this couple again and seeing them truly get their own HEA.

—“Life isn’t all roses and unicorn farts made of glitter and Chanel No. 5. There are as many downs as there are ups. I need to learn how to manage them.” -Violet, pg. 193—

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