Pucked Under by Helena Hunting

Published: July 7, 2016

And we’re back with the Pucked series. Guys I’m so close to finishing the posts for this series. Generally I don’t write posts for entire series because I get so far behind. Considering I read all of these books a couple of months ago but I am determined to finish the entire series. So just bare with me in this adventure.

This is the second book with Randy and Lily and it is more of a novella than a full blown novel. These two lovebirds have moved in together and even though their friends are getting married and having kids they are happy as they are. Though Randy will admit to be jealous more times than not when Lily is working with a male figure skater but he doesn’t want to lose her. Especially when his father decides to just crash at his house without any warning or anything. He hates his father and the way he speaks to Lily is unacceptable. And deep down he is still convinced that he will grow up to be exactly like him.

With the season about to start Lily and Randy are trying to spend as much time together as possible. Lily can see that something is bothering Randy but he won’t just come out and tell her. She knows that this season will be hard on them since it’s the first one they are spending as a couple but she knows that they can make it through. She has more faith in Randy than he does in himself which is why when his dickhead of a father comes around she needs to be in his corner more than ever.

This novella was short and sweet. We got to revisit another couple and see how they’ve developed since their last book. This one also hit a lot of the insecurities that we knew about the couple as well as new ones. The fact that it was such a quick read was awesome as well. Definitely give this one a shot as you continue with the series.

—-“He sighs and taps the steering wheel. If he wasn’t driving his knee would be bouncing like a prostitute on a cock.” -Lily about Randy, pg. 128—

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