Truly Yours by Kennedy Fox

Published: September 10, 2019

Finally the second book in the Mason and Sophie duet is here! You guys definitely don’t want to miss out on this book especially after the epic ending to the first in the duet. Though I really enjoyed this novel I do have to say that it got kind of slow for me towards the middle of the book. It took slow burn to a WHOLE new level. A level that I hope no book ever reaches again because I was getting tired of Sophie. Even though I was getting tired of Sophie (as a fictional character) I really liked how the authors made her character deal with real issues and take the steps that a real person should take after the type of trauma she went through. Anyway, I did get an ARC of this novel for an honest review which is awesome. I always feel so lucky to get ARCs.

Mason was seriously going to commit true murder at the beginning of the book. Weston’s brother had Sophie and no matter what he did he couldn’t find her. He knew that time was running out but without a lead he couldn’t do anything. Then Dalton made a mistake and he and his boys were ready for it. Mason knows that if they would have taken any longer that Sophie would be dead. And that keeps him up at night. Now all he wants is to protect her and to help her in anyway that he can. So when she asks him to take things slow (think glacial speed) he doesn’t hesitate to do as she asks because she’s it for him and he knows it.

Sophie can’t believe she was so dumb to be duped by a guy again. Only this time she can see the danger to her life and all she wants is to protect Mason and her sisters. She refuses to let anyone else get hurt or killed for her because she just couldn’t handle that. But even though she didn’t think the guys would make it to her in time, they did. But now she doesn’t know where to go from here. She never really dealt with the trauma from Weston so now everything that Dalton did is blending with everything that Weston did and she doesn’t think she can go back to the way things were pre-Dalton. Which means she is also feeling guilty about putting Mason on hold. She wants to be with him but doesn’t know how to do that anymore. Until she figures her shit out she can’t be what he needs.

Ok so like I said the beginning of the book was fast paced and intense but it definitely slowed down as Sophie dealt with her trauma. The character development was on point with Sophie in this one because you can see how she changed from the first book to the end of the second one. And speaking of the end. I CANNOT wait until 2020 for Liam and Maddie’s book. That’s just cruel. Cruel!! Once y’all read this one you will agree with me.

—-“Spare me. There’s no need to pull the elite card out of your ass.” / “Good, because it’s made of diamonds and hurts to flash.” -Mason and Liam—-

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