Code Name: Sentinel by Sawyer Bennett

Published: September 10, 2019

This book was everything. I’m pretty sure I liked it better than the first book and I liked that one a lot. Both protagonists were well developed and the conflict that Sawyer Bennett portrayed was so good. It sucked me in even when I felt like the characters were being dumb. Before we really get started I also need to state that I received an ARC from the author for this book. And I’m so glad I did!

Cruce has just joined The Jameson Force when the President of the US contacts him for an important personal matter. The President has heard chatter about his niece being in danger and he won’t trust anyone but the man who saved his life to protect her’s. Cruce is honored that the President would choose him but the minute he meets Barrett he is in trouble. He is attracted to her like he has never been attracted to another woman but he doesn’t want it to cloud his judgement when it comes to protecting her. Then someone tried to kidnap her and he knows that he needs to take her somewhere safe. But being alone with her could be his downfall.

Barrett is working on a formula to provide clean energy to the world. She is so close to cracking it that when her uncle (the President) tells her she need her own security detail she doesn’t believe him. Though the man he assigned to her, Cruce, is extremely good looking and kind she still doesn’t want the interference with her work. It isn’t until someone tries to kidnap her that she realizes the danger she is in. So when Cruce takes her away to a private island the only problem is the lack of internet. Only now that she is alone with him can she keep her urge to kiss him in check? Probably not. But she’ll try.

Oh man the climax of this book was intense!! It was written so well and really sucked you into what was happening to the characters. If you don’t read any other Sawyer Bennett book this year make sure this is it. Though why you wouldn’t want to read another one is beyond me. She’s great.

—-“All work and no play makes Barrett not have a bucket list…” -Cruce to Barrett—-

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