At Death’s Door by Sherrilyn McQueen

Published: September 10, 2019

This book has finally come out and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. Honestly, after waiting over a year for it I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation. This was the last book of the Deadman’s Cross trilogy and I was wary of how it was going to end especially since it was originally plotted as a larger series (as it should be). This was such a quick read for me and since I was so excited about it I just couldn’t put it down. It did start off directly where the last book stopped and though I was hesitant about the couple it worked out wonderfully.

Valynda Moor was cursed. That’s the only way to put it. She fell in love with a deity, was killed and her body burned so when she was brought back by Thorn she was put into a straw puppet. Which is how she has been living ever since. She doesn’t fell like other people and doesn’t have the same urges. All she wants is her body back so she can be normal again. But how normal is someone who is indebted to find and return demons to the underworld. After she is captured by the Malachai she is offered the chance to be one of his generals and to have her body returned to her. All she has to do is get Nibo’s staff. Nibo. The man she loved above all others who betrayed her and left her to be killed. Stealing the staff should be easy.

Nibo has missed Valynda for years. When she was killed he wanted to die along with her. She is his everything but now she hates him. Can he really blame her though? She thinks that he purposely didn’t protect her when he was forced to stay away. Though the only way he could help was to get her put into Thorn’s crew of Hellchasers now he can do more. When Circe gives Valynda a new body in order to get her son back from the Underworld, Nibo knows that this is his shot to make thing right. Or at least he thinks it is.

The ending of this novel definitely sets up for the Dark Hunter series and we know how Adarian got away in order to have Nick. So even though I would have loved more stories (like Barts!) the ending tied everything up nicely. Maybe we’ll get more eventually but I’m happy with what we have. Now onto the next book.

—“Come to the dark side, we have luscious booty.” -Valynda—

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