Get Inked by Helena Hunting

Published: September 13, 2016

So I read this book out of order but that didn’t detract from how good it was. It was definitely a very quick read because it is only like 160 pages long. This novella was also a crossover one with the Inked Armor series of Helena Hunting’s. Though I haven’t read that series I’m thinking that it is something I should pick up. Now, I did read this one after I finished the series so I didn’t know that it probably should have been read in it’s proper order but since it was just a little glimpse at life with Randy and Lilly again it was a cute filler.

Randy had an appointment with his favorite tattoo artist to get matching ink with his teammates. But when he tells Lilly about it he finds out that she wants her own ink so an activity that was going to be for his teammates has now included his girlfriend. And of course the other girlfriends and wives will come along too. Which definitely makes it awkward for Lance who is the only single one in the group. Through all of it the group is just a crazy as they have always been and they just added the hotness of the Inked Amour group.

This one was a super quick read and has now made me want to read the other series. And considering I have finished the Pucked series (more reviews to come) it might be a good one to move forward with. Even though my TBR list will take me a lifetime to read. That is something all book lovers feel.

ā€”-Never let anyone tell you that you have too many tattoos.ā€”-

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