Kiss Me Tonight by Emma Hart

Published: September 24, 2019

This book was as hilarious as I was expecting it to be! I love Emma Hart’s RomComs and this one was no different. Reagan was sassy and straight forward and Noah was just as insane. Which made this read super delightful. It also really helps that Emma writes crazy relatives like no one’s business. She does it so well in every one of her novels. It always makes me wonder if she has her own crazy relatives. But I digress. I did get an ARC of this novel for an honest review and so far I’ve been pretty honest with y’all.

Reagan woke up one morning to a dick pic. That is not how one generally wants to wake up especially if she didn’t ask for it. At least as far as dicks go this one was pleasing to look at. But when she actually responds to the owner of the dick and they have some good conversations she feels like she should meet him. He doesn’t seem like a creep and he is a fireman so that is a big ol’ plus. Especially when her apartment building goes up in flames and he is the one to rescue her. So now he has seen her at her very worst there is only one direction to go from here and that is up. Right?

Noah can’t believe he sent a photo of his junk to the wrong girl. What kind of creep does that? He will blame it on the online dating site and the last beer he had with his buddies from work. What is even crazier is that he is actually connecting with this girl and really wishes he could meet her. So when he responds to a fire and ends up saving a purple haired woman named Reagan he doesn’t think the it could be his Reagan. Yet it is and now he just needs to figure out a way to spend time with her that doesn’t seem creepy.

This book was everything. I also just have to agree that Ross Geller is the worst character in the history of TV. Like I’m only halfway through my 4th rewatch of Friends because it gets harder to watch as the show goes because Ross is the worst! I agree with all of Reagan’s (and presumably Emma’s) feelings on this. Also, I didn’t think that much about Ted being a terrible person but he really was and I’m still salty over that ending. Almost as salty as I am over Game of Thrones’s ending. Don’t mess with my TV I have opinions! Anyway, read this book. You won’t regret it.

—“Of course I’m salty about the end of it. I dedicated myself to that show for years, and they repaid me by shitting on my head in the worst possible way.” -Reagan about How I Met Your Mother

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