Crazy Rich Cajuns by Erin Nicholas

Published: September 30, 2019

The final Landry book is here and it was everything I wanted it to be. Though it wasn’t quite as hilarious as the previous three books I think that had more to do with the setting of the book than the writing. This one only starts and ends at Boys of the Bayou the whole middle takes place in Savannah, Georgia. But I should also tell y’all that this book is about Kennedy and Bennett so you know it’s gonna be hot. It couldn’t be anything else with all that sexual tension since book 2.

Kennedy doesn’t need a man. And she certainly doesn’t need a man like Bennett Baxter who is more a hindrance on the Bayou than a help. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself. Honestly, she can do anything she would want a man to do but wanting someone as sure of himself as Bennett has thrown a curve into her life. So when he tells her they are heading to Georgia for his father’s retirement party she doesn’t think much of it. All she knows is that this is the weekend they will finally get together and prove how bad they are for each other. Oh man was she wrong.

Bennett has wanted Kennedy Landry since almost the minute he laid eyes on her. She is fierce and confident and know what she wants out of life. So when he takes her to meet his parents in Georgia he is shocked by how much he doesn’t actually know about her. But to be fair she doesn’t know a lot about him either. Which has caused a few snags but now that they are together no hurdle will be too much for them. Until she decides that she might want to go into politics. He never expected that and honestly handled it like a jackass.

This book had all the feels. Kennedy is like most any woman who exudes confidence. She has it in spades but she also has her own insecurities and a soft underbelly. When she finally figured out what she might want to do with her life she expected the support of the man she grew to care for. Which exposed those vulnerabilities. Anyway, the novel had a lot more heart than some other romcoms and I’m glad to have received an ARC for it.

—-“She’d been to a wedding in New Orleans that had a chocolate fountain at the reception. She’d wanted to take a bath in it.” -Kennedy—

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