Pucked Off by Helena Hunting

Published: February 21, 2017

Guys, we are almost to the end of my reviews for the Pucked series. I read it so long ago but I am also so very determined to write a review for each book. On the bright side I have a strange memory that allows me to remember books in a pretty good detail. And other things but so far I have only found it useful for books. Anyway, getting Lance’s story was awesome because he was the most enigmatic character well the second most enigmatic character and he also came with a hell of a lot of drama.

Lance has issues being touched. Honestly, he just has a lot of issues but after one too many fights on the ice the new trainer is making him go to a massage therapist. He does not want to do this at all. Being touch by other people makes him jumpy but when he meets Poppy, her touch actually soothes him. Which is great as his massage therapist. Only he can’t stop thinking about her which puts him on edge since he isn’t like that around women. Ever. He is willing to give up having a massage therapist that he likes for the chance to date her. But will he let her in to see the skeltons in his closet?

Poppy has been in love with Lance since she was a young teen. Only when she saw him again he was all over her friend and didn’t remember her at all. Yes, she was talking to him first but she wasn’t as pushy as her former friend and just let it slide. Didn’t matter because he didn’t remember her the morning after anyway. Now he is her new client and she can’t help but want to climb him likes tree. But that’s unprofessional. When he asks her out and even changes up therapists so she can date him she is both shocked and wary. She knows his reputation. Has seen it in fact. And he has someone calling him with the contact “Do Not Answer” (note: it might be Do Not Fucking Answer but I don’t remember). Can she get him to open up before his past tears them apart?

There was a lot of drama in this novel. And Tash was a total bitch who really just needed to be smacked. And then smacked again. Poppy was such a good character who wanted to believe the best in Lance but wasn’t about to take any shit from him either. Lance was just a mess but his growth was well written. Overall this book was a quick and fun read that I highly recommend.

—“Emergency massage?” This is the worst pick up in the history of the world.” -Poppy to Lance—

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