Dark Illusion by Christine Feehan

Published: September 3, 2019

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book or not because I have been iffy about the new turn that the series has taken since the brothers from the monastery have joined the series. And since it has focused more on Serge than vampires as a whole. But this one was different it was more about the mages, Xavier, and his shards rather than vampires. Though I will say I was pissed with how it started. I didn’t like it and it wasn’t until a few chapters in that I actually started enjoying this novel.

Julija is half mage and half Carpathian but no one outside of her family knows that secret. She is now on the hunt for the most dangerous book of spells ever created while the entire Carpathian race believes that she stole it. As Xavier’s spell book it is sought after by mages and Carpathians alike for extremely different reasons. When she is discovered by Isai and he recognizes her as his lifemate she originally denies talking to him because she has heard terrible things about Carpathians. It isn’t until their journey brings her up against her greatest fear that they truly bond.

Isai is an ancient and has searched endlessly for his lifemate. When he finally finds her he takes her and is immediately disappointed when she refuses to talk in order to give him back colors. But what he thinks is her being selfish is actually her protecting not only him but herself. After agreeing to help her recover this book he discovers the terrible things that Barnabas has done to her and how strong she actually is. Isai is enraged on her behalf at the terrible things that have been done to her but he also needs to make her understand that they can do anything together. They can defeat Barnabas and her father together but he also needs to convince her that they are better together and belong together as lifemates. Only when they are fully together can they defeat their enemies.

Like I said earlier I have been waffling on this series for awhile but I liked the direction that this book took with the mages. We also got to see Julija again who was introduced earlier in this new twist in the series. I didn’t like how it started because I didn’t like that Isai found Julija and then had sex with her right away. The story explains later on why she didn’t fight like I thought she would but it definitely had shades of rape in and that is such a fine line in books. Nobody wants to read that in romance novels. But I do suggest this book and will continue this series.

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