Sexy Dare by Carly Phillips

Published: October 15, 2019

This book was so good. First of all I gotta say I love a curvy heroine. As a fuller girl myself it’s nice to see someone not model thin as the love interest of a sexy ripped man. These two characters were also just the best. They didn’t really know how to be in a relationship but they made it work and I guess that’s all anyone can ask for. Even in real life.

Jason Dare had enough people in his life that he cared for. He didn’t need anymore. After losing his best friend to stupid hazing accident in college Jason has kept all those he cares about in a small circle and protects them fiercely. When he randomly sees a woman on the side of a road trying to change her tire he stops to help. Little does he know that this woman will haunt him day and night until he checks in to make sure that she is OK. Because her tire wasn’t flat. It was slashed. Only when he does check in on her he finds her candy shop boarded and graffittied. That does not help his anxiety level. No matter what he did he can’t stop thinking about the enticing Faith and who wants to cause her harm.

Faith Lancaster has lost everything and everyone she loved. When her mother died she was left with a small inheritance and her brother got nothing. He then decided to go after her and she ran. Now she has carved out a new life for herself in the big city of New York and can’t believe it when a stunningly handsome and sexy man stops to help change her tire in a tailored suit. The shocks just keep coming when he asks her out. Though she would love to go out with Jason she cannot allow him into her life in case her brother goes after him. Only now that her brother has gone after her she can’t get rid of Jason. He wants to protect her and she is fiercely attracted to him. But will he stay once it is all over?

Jason definitely fought his feelings for Faith even when they were together. She knew the score and was ready to leave him after everything was said and done but Carly Phillips wouldn’t be a best selling author if she didn’t give readers an HEA. So though we all know that is coming at the end the feelings to get there were everything. The writing had a great flow and was succinct in its execution. And the characters grew into each other through the challenges they faced. And though I received an ARC for a honest review I would have picked up this book anyway. So don’t miss out!

—-“‘By getting naked.’ A sudden playful, wicked gleam flickered in her eyes. ‘Can you think of a better way to express myself?’” -Faith—-

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