Absolute Pleasure by Erika Wilde

Published: October 15, 2019

This novel is a spin on the classic Cinderella fairy tale. And even though I’ve thought for awhile that this fairy tale has been way over done for the modern age, the way Erika Wilde wrote it made it work. I especially loved learning Hunter’s story because in the first book we all pretty much thought he was an ass (be honest you were thinking it) but to know what makes him tick almost absolves him of running Arabella off. Almost. These two characters were perfect for each other because they just wanted to protect the other one. How sweet.

Hunter has lost everyone who meant anything to him that aren’t his siblings. So when he sees a gorgeous woman being turned away by security at the annual Wilder Way Ball he decides to spite the three women he heard being cruel and grab her as his date. Only his attraction is instantaneous and when he finally gets her into his bed he knows that a one night stand won’t be enough. But he can’t do a relationship. And for that reason he decides that if he can just fuck her again he can get her out of his system and move on. But the choice is taken away from him when she skips out on him while he is showering. However, in true Cinderella fashion she leaves behind her shoe in her haste. Can he track her down? Does he want to?

Elle decides to have one night of fun and that is at the fairy tale themed Wilder Way Ball. Not only was she turned away at the door but she had her own Prince Charming to come to the rescue. A Prince Charming who did wicked wicked things to her in bed. But on the morning after she knows that it can only be one night so she leaves while she can. Her life is a mess with her stepmother and stepsisters bleeding the family realtor company dry and her keeping it afloat she just doesn’t have time for a man that will demand more of her attention. But Hunter is more persistent than she expected and honestly, it feels nice to be wanted. Will he be the one to be her rock?

We all know how Cinderella stories go. But this one had a twist of attempted murder in it and more of a mystery that wasn’t explored but certainly could have been. In fact I wish the reason why the stepmother got the entire life insurance would have been brought to light. I feel like blackmail was involved. Anyway, the characters opened up to each other throughout the story and grew together. Realizing they weren’t alone in the world. And the writing was fast paced and left me intrigued. This is definitely a story that you won’t want to miss! Oh, also, I got an ARC from Social Butterfly PR but after reading the first one I knew I couldn’t miss this one anyway!

—“Don’t mind my sister. She’s a bit fanciful, and I think planning the fairy-tale ball for the past year has warped her perception of reality.” -Hunter about Tempest—-

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