Scent of a Mate by Dianna Love

Published: October 18, 2019

This book was a slow start for me but I loved it. Gan and Scarlett were the perfect duo because neither of them trusted anyone and they had an instant bond. Which they (of course) fought tooth and nail. It was nice to get back into the world of the Gallize Shifters which is different than the other shifter romances that I’ve read. Since I’ve read a lot that is fairly refreshing.

Gan hates shifters. He spent his whole life as a prisoner in a Cadell camp being policed by shifters. Usually jackals. He never wanted anything to do with them but when the Guardian calls out his tiger he finds himself the very thing he abhors. When he is allowed to leave Wyoming in order to prove that he has control of the tiger he will do whatever it takes to never be a prisoner again. So when Scarlett needs the help of the Gallize the Guardian sends him along. His attraction to her is still there and he truly wants to help her before they part ways. Only will she get in trouble if he leaves on her watch? It’s a risk he’ll have to take for freedom.

Scarlett doesn’t rely on people at all. She has always gone solo so that her few loved ones would not be put in danger. But when she frees a group of women shifters bound to be sold into slavery only with the Gallize’s help does she realize that she will need to rely on people. When she discovers that her sister is in danger and her mate killed she will move heaven and earth to get to her. So she must rely on Gan to help her through this but can she resist her attraction for him while she’s at it?

This book has quick and descriptive writing. The main characters were flawed and worked with them rather than fighting them and Gan just wanted to live a simple life which is rather relatable. I highly recommend this series to everyone. I did receive an ARC for an honest review and I think I might need to buy the paperback so I can continue my collection. Don’t miss out on this awesome novel!

—“With her prickly nature, she should have a porcupine inside of her instead of a cougar.” -Gan about Scarlett—

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