Pucked Love by Helena Hunting

Published: November 13, 2018

We’ve made it friends! You are finally reading the review for the final book in the Pucked series. I know it took awhile but hopefully if I do a whole series again I’ll get the posts written quickly. This novel tackles the two most unknown characters in the entire series. We have spent all these books wondering about the relationship between Charlene and Darren. Especially after the adult store fun in Forever Pucked.

Darren requires all of his potential relationships to sign an NDA. He likes his privacy and as a professional hockey player he doesn’t get much. But it’s not only that. Because of who his parents are (and who he doesn’t want to be associated with) he needs to make sure that no one can leak his life into the world. Only he decides he wants Charlene more than his privacy so when she needs her space he makes sure to give as much as she needs. With all of their friends dating each other they spend plenty of time together and though he wants to move their relationship forward he knows that he needs to let Charlene make the choice herself.

Charlene doesn’t want anyone to know about her past. So she doesn’t talk about and basically pretends it never happened. Because of that she keeps Darren at arms length. She doesn’t want to be trapped by a man like they were when she was a child but in doing so she hasn’t let anyone in to really know her. Now all of her friends are moving on without her though and she just feels stuck. She knows she loves Darren but she doesn’t know how to have more with him than she already does. She’s put them into a box that she doesn’t know how to get out of.

Admittedly, this one was probably my least favorite of all the Pucked series. Ok, maybe my second least. There was just so much build up to this book throughout the entire series and then I was kind of let down. It wasn’t as hilarious as the other books and Charlene was just kind of an odd character once we delved into her. Overall though it was a good book and it was a good ending to this series. So thank you for getting through all of these books with me. I swear I will do better in writing blog posts soon.

—“I guess golf is kind of like hockey, except with smaller sticks, and balls instead of pucks, and grass instead of ice, and a tiny hole instead of a gaping one.” -Violet—

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