Fever by Donna Grant

Published: October 29, 2019

Oh my god this book was so fucking good. The battle we have been waiting for is here. We have been waiting for several books for this battle and it is here. The battle between Usaeil and Rhi is finally here and it wasn’t anything like I thought it was going to be. Honestly, with as much build up I was really hoping for a lengthy battle sequence. Though it wasn’t as long as hoped it was still so good. The rest of the novel was great too. I honestly had a hard time putting it down.

Dr. Bernadette Davis gave up her career to learn everything she could about dragons. Even though everyone thinks she is crazy she knows what she saw. When a representative from Dreagan comes to one of her lectures she knows its to shut her down but when her friend Usaeil pushes her to write more articles and schedule more lectures she gets a weird feeling. So she drives to Dreagan to confront Keltan about everything. Only she learns more than she ever thought she would. Like how Usaeil isn’t actually her friend but was rather using her like a pawn in a game. It isn’t until her life is truly in danger that the Kings realize what the Queen of the Light is after.

Keltan doesn’t want a mate. He will be the first to tell everyone that he doesn’t need a mate especially not a human one. Then why can’t he stop thinking about Bernadette? He wants her more than he ever thought possible but he is sure that it is a passing fancy. Until she gets hurt and is being put in harms way because she isn’t a mate. That he can’t stand but what is he supposed to do? He can’t admit his feelings for her. He also can’t see her come to anymore harm. He is in quite the pickle.

Honestly, I want to tell you all so much about this book and I guess I’ve already gotten a bit spoilery with the top paragraph so I want to know y’all’s thoughts on Balladyn. Like seriously I know it’s not over for him but the suspense is so thick! Argh. Also, we are seeing a whole new side to Rhi that we have come not to expect. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat grasping for more story.

—-“Rhi looked back at Keltan. ‘You going to tell me what was said, frowny? Or do I get to guess?’” -Rhi—-

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