Once Upon a Cowboy Christmas by Soraya M. Lane

Published: October 29, 2019

This second-chance romance was so cute and even though it was technically number three in the series it truly read like a stand alone. It wasn’t until I was halfway through that I thought there might be more books and I realized like this one was number three. Thanks Goodreads for making sure I at least know the number. Anyway, since this is a new-to-me author I was pleased that I didn’t need to know the back story of the other characters. Would that have made the story better? Possibly. I’m always all for reading the entire series but it could have also detracted so I stand by my summary that this was a good book even with not know the background.

Cody is one of the most eligible bachelors around and is a billionaire to boot. Even though he would much rather be making deals in the boardroom he doesn’t have a problem getting dirty on the ranch when he is home. Which, honestly, isn’t very often. Only this time he knows he needs to come home for Christmas because his father is dying. The last person he expected to see in his childhood home in Texas was Lexi. He didn’t recognize her at first and when he did he couldn’t remember why things went so badly between them. He knows he just left but he must have said “goodbye” or written or something. He doesn’t remember but if the hatred in Lexi’s eyes and the ice cold exterior are anything to go by he messed up. Now he wants to make things right but can he do that when his time in Texas comes with an expiration date?

Lexi knew working for the Fords could bring back all kinds of memories with her time with Cody but the money was good and it came with a place to stay which was too good to pass up. As a single mother and a daughter taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s she needed a break in her luck. Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared to see Cody in person and for him not to know who she was. He broke her heart and then couldn’t even remember her. The jerk. But this Cody is different than the one before. He is harder and colder and despite that, she can’t help but want to rebuild their relationship. At least the physical side of it. She knows he won’t give up New York City for their small Texas town and her, so she is going to enjoy her time with him while it lasts. She deserves a Christmas present too, right?

This book had all of the adorable awkwardness and fiery heroines that I have come to love from second-chance romances. It also has all of the ruggedness that I love about a good cowboy romance and a billionaire romance wrapped into one. This was also just a heartfelt Christmas romance. Definitely make sure you check out this novel. You won’t want to miss out on it come Christmas.

—-“‘Hey, we’re all just waiting to see what a train wreck this turns into,’ Tanner joked. ‘It’s kind of like watching reality television, but in our own backyard.’” -Tanner to Cody—

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