Luca by Nikki J. Summers

Published: December 26, 2018

This book has been sitting on my kindle unlimited for a good year. I never felt like I was in the mood for it every time I was trying to find something to read until just recently. I’ve had a slight break from ARCs so I told myself I was going to start reading items on my KU. I’m paying for it each month and not using. Talk about a waste. Anyway, this book wasn’t really what I was expecting. The synopsis made me think that one thing was going to happen when in reality something else entirely happened. But once I got into the flow of the story I actually think it worked pretty well.

Chloe has been taking care of herself since the two boys who were her entire world left her. Now she isn’t proud of being a stripper but she needs to get the money for rent and medical school somehow. That is until she is stolen off the stage by the last person she ever expected to see again. Freddie. The man she considered her brother. Apparently he is protecting her so when he takes her to Luca she doesn’t know what to expect. Luca has held onto her heart since she met him when she was 8 years old. Only he is the toughest man she knows. He doesn’t show emotions and when he sees her, she doesn’t think he even recognizes her when he sees her. That is unacceptable. Especially now that she is supposed to stay with him to avoid being sold by a human trafficker. Aka her former boss. Can she breach his walls though or will his heart remain a fortress?

Luca can’t believe that Chloe is back in his life. He never expected to see her again after they left. He knew that leaving her behind would break her heart but at the time he seriously thought that it was the best for her. He left his heart with her that day because he figured he’d never see her again. And now she is in his office wearing underwear. Unacceptable. Once he finds out where she was working and with who he knows that this is his chance to protect her like he was always meant to. But he doesn’t know how he is going to convince her to stay with him when everything is all said and done.

Though the flow of the story worked well it was definitely one of those books that had several ending points but just kept on going. It could have ended two more times in addition to its true ending. Normally when that happens I’m just over it but for this one I continued on. It definitely worked but probably wasn’t necessary to keep going. Like we were at HEA status but the characters just weren’t having it. Anyway, the story did get dark and dealt with the very ugly truth of sex trafficking so if that is something that you cannot handle to read then this probably isn’t the book for you. If it is then you would enjoy this book.

—“I’ll take that as a yes then. And Luca? I don’t play silly games when it comes to important things like marriage, babies and adulting.” -Young Chloe to Young Luca—

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