Frost and Flame by Gena Showalter

Published: September 17, 2019

It was a long wait this for this book but totally worth it. I also got an awesome signed copy when I saw Gena at Readers on the River so I could add that to my growing Gena book collection. This book was written a little differently than one would generally expect sequels to be written in that it holds the exact same timeline as the first book. In the first book we see the trials and tribulations of Vale and Knox; well in this book we get to see those some trials and tribulations in Vale’s adorable sister Nola and her hero, Bane. Not is all as it seems with the lovely Nola Lee and Bane will be the first one to tell her why.

Nola has been fighting with disease after disease her entire life. She hates that she is that way and she hates that she is addicted to pain killers just to allow her to even function semi-normally. Her and her sister, Vale, have been planning their trip abroad forever and she will not let her body dictate to her if she can go or not. Only after being lost and almost freezing to death, she doesn’t know what to think when she is absconded with by a large muscled man and Vale is taken in the opposite direction. She knows she is weak but she can’t just let Vale be hurt. But the man who grabbed her says he’ll protect her only he isn’t the one that plagues her dreams all night. Somehow she gets to the one she is drawn to, Bane (who was another man in ice). Only to have to leave him again without her meaning to. Miraculously when around him she isn’t sick. She isn’t in pain. She is a normal woman. He says that she isn’t from Terra that she is meant to be Queen of his people and he will make her one. She wants that only because she won’t be sick anymore but can she sacrifice anyone let alone Bane to get it?

Bane hates his queen with everything in him. He is determined to find a Terran princess and groom her take the throne. He wants nothing to do with royalty because they are all blood thirsty bitches but this is his best shot at revenge for his beloved wife. Little does he expect that he can’t seem to hold onto his anger around the Terran princess. He wants to hate her because no matter what all princesses turn evil after they take the throne. But even his beast likes her and he doesn’t like anyone. The fact that she is with Zion and not him is completely unacceptable and it will need to be remedied. As he struggles with wanting to hate her and wanting to like her tenacity he need to keep the current queen at bay. If she finds out that he has a Terran princess and hasn’t killed her she will order him to do it. He cannot disobey his queen. But Nola’s hold on him might just be enough to help him keep her safe.

This book was fantastic. I loved how strong and vulnerable Nola was and how much Bane fought his feelings. Though that is common in any romance this one did it in a way that I was reading with baited breath to see what would happen next. I loved the first book in this series and the second one did not disappoint at all. I’m really glad that it worked on the same timeline as the first one so we didn’t miss out on anything in the story. I really hope Zion gets his book after this one but you need to read this one first!

—-“I have a better idea”, she purred. “I keep moving around however much I wish, and I wear whatever look I choose, and you deal with it.” -Nola to Bane, pg. 105—

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