Quintus by Kym Grosso

Published: August 28, 2018

I finally got to reading Quintus mostly because Hunter is out now and I really wanted to read it (that may or may not be because of the smoking hot cover). This book was so good though! I did try to listen to the audiobook but I didn’t like the new narrators. I couldn’t tell the difference between some of the characters because of the lack of accents that they clearly had in the previous books. This is what happens when narrators are switched up. When I couldn’t tell if Quintus was talking or Viktor I was out. Anyway, this is definitely a book you don’t want to miss out on especially after everything we learned about Quintus in Jake.

Quintus is one of the oldest vampires alive but he never gave up aspects of his humanity. He still enjoys food and wine and lives in opulent houses (though most immortals do that). So when he is poisoned and on the verge of death he accepted it. Until he tastes the unique blood of Gabriella who for some reason decided to help him. He is instantly attracted to her and he doesn’t know why that is. He isn’t looking for a mate. He had one and she was taken from him. But he can’t deny his need for the enigmatic Gabby. When she finally opens up to him about selling her magical blood to survive, that she is a witch/wolf hybrid and that an extremely evil coven is after her, he decides to help her. With the extra time they will be spending together he can hopefully get his feelings of possession and belonging under control because she can’t be his mate. Or maybe she can?

Gabriella just wanted to do the right thing and save the vampire known as Quintus. Did she think he’d be grateful enough to help her if she saved him? Yes. But she is also a good person and she couldn’t not do anything. Only when she does save him and he wants to drink directly from her vein she freaks out at him and he teleports them back to his home. Being in a vampire’s home is not what she wanted to do and the fact that she can’t seem to break the wards that keep her there is seriously stressing her out. The only thing to do is use her blood to break them. But when Quintus finally tracks her down he is not happy about it. When she accepts that he really is going to help her; she knows that she should tell him everything but she can’t bear to be shunned by him too. As a hybrid she believes she will never be able to have a mate so the attraction to him can’t be that. It just can’t be. But being with Quintus is right but in order to have him she needs to defeat the very people who have been after her for years.

This book was a really quick read to me and you seriously do not want to read Hunter without first reading this one. Before this book we only saw Hunter briefly in one previous book but now we kind of got an insight into who he is. Finally, I highly enjoyed this novel but if you don’t like explicit scenes this one isn’t for you. The next one probably won’t be either. If that is just the kind of book for you then don’t miss out on this paranormal romance.

—“Why yes. I’m not going to be late to this shindig. The witches be bitchin’. Vampires…well…they suck.” -Viktor to Quintus—

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