Crusaders by Dan Jones

Published: October 1, 2019

As many of you know I am a huge history buff. I discovered Dan Jones with his book The Plantagenets and have been on board with every book since. Last year he published his work The Templars which dove into the beginning and end of the Knights Templar. It also looked at their Hollywood game. This one takes a broader look at the Crusaders as a whole. What started the crusading movement? Why all the frenzy around crusading? And How is it used today?

These are all questions that he answers in his brilliant piece. This isn’t your typical historical text. Jones brings to life the history of specific key players in the crusading movement. He discusses how it all got started and why and how it ended. Because like everything the crusades peaked and then had a slowly lingering death not terribly long after the Templars were killed. He ends the work with a discussion on how the terms “crusades” and “crusaders” are used today by terrorist organizations and even governments around the world. It’s not something the general population thinks about but they should.

Finally, I listened to the audiobook rather than read the text. The downside of listening is not being able to see the works that are mentioned throughout. Jones generally includes some of these illustrations and chronicles in the book. But the upside is getting to listen to a British narrator (the author narrates) and knowing that everything is being pronounced correcting. With many of the names I know I would be tripping over them in my head and listening eliminates that problem.

Overall I highly suggest this book whether you are reading or listening to it. The book is interesting and blows away any misconceptions about the crusades. If you’re looking for a new history read or one on a familiar but less explored topic then look no further. This is the one for you!

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