A Cowboy Like You by Donna Grant

Published: November 26, 2019

The cowboy romance that we have all been waiting for from Donna Grant is finally here. Throughout all the Heart of Texas books Danny Oldman has been a staple and now he finally gets his own book! I honestly think I like this one the best out of all of them and I realize I probably said that about the last book but that just means they keep on getting better. I will start you all with a warning that this book may trigger some bad memories for some because it does deal with abuse.

Danny Oldman has been alone for years and for some reason this Christmas he is feeling his loneliness even more. It just so happens that his loneliness lead him to the right place at the right time where he was able to protect Skylar Long. The one woman who has plagued his thoughts since high school. Now that she is back in town he is determined to protect her from her abuse ex-boyfriend and his powerful family. Through everything they are now going through can they come out the other end together as a couple or will they go their separate ways?

Skylar Long thought she knew Matt when she moved in with him but apparently it was all a charade. So on her third attempt to leave him she drives to her home town not know why but running on autopilot. Unfortunately, Matt follows her and honestly if it wasn’t for the sheriff showing up she’d be dead. The last thing she expects though is that the sheriff is Danny Oldman. He is the one person who really caught her interest when she was younger and she is still interested. Only her timing probably couldn’t get any worse. Now she is the fight of her life against Matt and his family because she is the victim and she refuses to let him get away with everything his family has let happen over the years. But when it is all said and done will Danny even want her?

This book was definitely hard to read in some spots because it’s crazy to think that this could happen to women in today’s world but it happens everyday all over the world. Abuse is a rough subject in any book but especially in a romance because society has come to think of these books as fluff. But this one was anything but. It had death to its characters and it dealt with a hard issue much like the books previous to this one. I’m glad to see Danny get his HEA and I hope to see more books in this series with Jace and Cooper.

—-“You know politicians. You can’t believe anything they say.” -Jace to Cooper—-

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