Avoiding Temptation by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: December 23, 2019

This book was a super quick read. Like if I wouldn’t have had to work the next day I totally would have finished this book in one day. As it is I got the ARC on the 18th and finished it during my morning break on the 19th. I didn’t want to put it down! But sleep. It’s a real hinderance. Anyway, I’m glad I finished Co-Ed before this one because this was Slater’s story and events from the first book are mentioned. Though this will read as a true stand alone I like to see the interconnectedness of it all.

Slater promised Finn that he would look out for his little sister who was transferring to their school. He, of all people, knows how important it is to protect sisters. But when he has an accidental make-out session with Finn’s sister Tatum he finally realizes how much trouble he is in. Tatum is gorgeous and determined to break him. He just needs to stay away from her because Finn will kill him. But he is drawn to her and though it could mean the end to his friendship with Finn he can’t seem to stop himself around her.

Tatum transferred to her brother’s school because of the terrible rumors her ex spread about her at her school. They were so bad that she really had no choice but to transfer. And the one who helped her get through it all was Slater. Though he doesn’t know that. During those really dark days she decided to use the Wingmen Inc app for virtual help and because her brother sucks at cyber security she was able to figure out who was helping her. Now she is living in the same dorm suite as him and while she has feelings for him he doesn’t seem to want to be around her. After stomping on her feelings one too many times in order to protect his friendship with her big brother she needs to really consider if he’s worth it.

There were so many hilarious parts of this book and only like one or two parts that hit you in the feelings. I think Slater was just asking for it really and Tatum was a total spitfire. What was different about this book though was that they didn’t really do any Pleasure Pony work. Which was explained but the book is definitely a turning point and because of it will make Finn’s book make more sense. Either way you need to read this book. It’ll keep your spirits up as you are forced to spend the holidays with your family.

—-“Swear on all that’s holy, my chest just magically puffed out.” -Slater—-

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