The Setup by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: December 28, 2019

This is the final book in the Bro-Code series and it is Finn’s book. Now granted I loved all the books in the series but I loved this one just a little less than the rest of them. I think it’s because the book felt rushed to me. Though I liked it, I wanted it to get more into the backstory of Finn (what we didn’t already know) and Jillian. But that is because I’m a sucker for a good backstory. Anyway, I did receive an ARC of this novel for an honest review because I am lucky enough to be a part of the Rachel Van Dyken review team.

Finn is the last of the four Pleasure Ponies to join Wingmen, Inc and be single. One is married, another is engaged, and he doesn’t want to think about his little sister and Slater. So on his first day at work he is called in to test the new dating app that is supposed to launch in a month and still has a few bugs in it. So as the only single VP he is set up to be the one to test out the app with their administrative assistant Jillian. The only problem is that he finds Jillian irresistible but he can’t tell her that. He needs to find a way to convince her that he could have real feelings for with while still going out with the other dates that the app has set up for them. Their dates know it is all for research purposes but it seems like their dates are always a perfect match for each other and not them. But are they actually solidifying the bond between Finn and Jillian?

Jillian needs this job. So in order to get the promotion that she deserves and she agrees to test the new dating app that Wingmen will be rolling out soon. But the only person available to test the app with is Finn and he doesn’t seem to know that she is alive. Though she has had a secret crush on him forever she knows that he could never want someone who looks like her and his dates seem to be confirming that. But he is insistent in that wants to date her and that they would be great together. As they work closer together the lines between them get a blurred and they even get a fur baby that neither of them were expecting.

This book was a quick read and very enjoyable. I just wished that we would have delved into Jillian’s character more along with Finn. But Oh Man, Aunt Nadine was everything!! She was the most hilarious part of this whole book. Honestly, who else would get their great nephew a chihuahua puppy named Princess? The parts with her were the absolute best. Don’t miss out on this book. And it is on Kindle Unlimited so you have no reason not to get it.

—“Warnings like beware breaker of hearts and giver of orgasms!“-Jillian—

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