Stealing Her by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: November 5, 2019

Stealing Her is the first book in the Covet series by Rachel Van Dyken and it was so good. This new series starts out with a bang. But it did fly under the radar before it’s release at least for me. I didn’t find out about its release until the day it came out. Thankfully it is available on Kindle Unlimited so I was able to grab it up right away. This book is heart breaking in some ways and so feel good and heartwarming in others. I definitely suggest taking the time to read it.

Bridge was separated from his twin brother when they were teenagers. He went with his mother and Julian went with their asshole of a father. Due to that his brother thinks that he abandoned him and left him to the self serving ways of their father. Though now that his brother is in the hospital and no one can know his father has devised a way to pull him back into the fold. But he will only do this for his mother who needs the treatments his father will pay for and for the brother who he wants to at least be friends with again. However, he doesn’t know that no one told Julian’s fiancee about the switch. The same fiancee who seems to be pissed whenever she lays eyes on him. He, however, is stupidly attracted to her and though he doesn’t want to develop feelings for her he can’t be with her all the time and not. Especially after he is told the stupid rules that she has had to conform with in order to be with his brother. He will need to decide if finding the one person who can make him happy is worth the risk of never having his brother in his life again.

Isobel is fed up with her so called fiance and even though she owes everything to him and his family she cannot just give up on who she essentially is. So she is going to call off the engagement and then find a job as a nurse. That’s what she went to school for after all. But just as she has worked up the courage to do that Julian gets into a car accident and no one will tell her if he is alright. They’ll let his so called “step-mom” have the answers but not her. Which just proves that she doesn’t belong in that family. So when her fiance shows up at the apartment not looking the best but also not looking like he was in a life or death accident she decides to give him the what for. Seriously, she found the freaking maid naked in their bed. She deserved answers. But this Julian is the man she hasn’t seen in years. He is kind and attentive and actually knows how to cook. He also looks much bigger than he was previously. Do muscles actually swell after an accident?

This book had its moments of hilarity in it like all RVD books however it was also heart breaking like I said. How sad is it to separate twins who have grown up together and rely on each other in this crazy hostile world? Like honestly that was heart breaking. But the storyline needed it and the change in the characters as they grew throughout the story was great. They discovered themselves but they also discovered that not all is as it seems with Julian which made the mystery that much more intriguing. I can’t wait to read the second book which is going to be Julian’s!

—“I have exactly twelve lasagna recipes. All of them are perfected. This is a test I hope you pass.” -Bridge (as Julian)—

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