Code Name: Heist by Sawyer Bennett

Published: January 7, 2019

This book was really good. Though I think Code Name: Sentinel was better I did really enjoy reading Heist. This book was different in that the hero wasn’t the all-American good guy, he was actually a thief in his previous life and turned over a new leaf. Which makes this one totally different than the other ones in this series so far. Though the hero was a Marine as well which makes him fit in with the other in Jameson Force. This book is definitely a read that you don’t want to miss out on. I, also, received an ARC for an honest review.

Saint did his time in jail thanks to his former partner and lover but now he is on the straight and narrow and loves his job. So when he is asked to infiltrate a criminal ring with an old acquaintance in order to prevent an art heist he doesn’t hesitate to do it because he was the best in the business when he was in the game. Little does he expect to see the same person who betrayed him last on the team he is supposed to pull this heist off with. That is if the boss will ever tell them what the heist actually is. They first need to prove that they can not only work together but achieve their objective before they are brought in on the heist of the century. But as much as Saint refuses to trust Sin again he can’t help how he still reacts to her and how well they work together. So can they work together and then go their separate ways when this is all over? Can he let her go to jail if they are caught? These are questions the he really wishes he had answers to.

Sindaria or Sin never thought she would see Saint again. When she does and she sees the hatred masked by cool indifference in his eyes it rips her apart. She needs to explain why she let him go to jail but know what he lost while he was in prison she isn’t sure he will ever forgive her. But that’s just to damn bad for both of them. They have several jobs they need to pull off in order to be a part of the team to pull of the big heist and then she can walk away from the life of a thief. She has wanted out for awhile but at the moment she has no choice but to go through with whatever the boss wants. Explaining all of this to Saint though is harder than she expected but she can’t deny that she still loves him and would do anything for him. So maybe that means this time she needs to take the fall.

Like I stated previously this is a book you don’t want to miss. There are side events in this book that will set the stage for the other books that could make or break Jameson team. The hero and heroine were well written and had some great interactions and they didn’t skirt around the issue of betrayal as well as what what was at stake. I liked that though they (of course) would come to trust and love each other again it wasn’t instant and took about half the book. That alone made it worth reading but since I don’t read many books about art heists or high-end thiefs in general it was really interesting. Don’t miss it on release day!

—“I snort over his backhanded slap for shutting down any future illegal activities on his part.” -Sin—

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