Dark Alphas Temptation by Donna Grant

Published: January 7, 2019

This is a DO NOT miss book! Honestly, if you read the Dragon Kings books and just occasionally pick up the Reaper books this is one that you don’t want to miss. Everything has started to tie together with the “death” of Usaeil and the new information about The Others. So you can’t miss this one otherwise you may just be confused when it comes to the rest of the books. That being said I will try my best to make this post spoiler free but there may be some. It is what it is. If they are there they should be minor but I have warned you. Finally, I am part of Donna Grant’s review team so I received an ARC for an honest review.

Kyra has been following a Reaper. An honest to goodness Reaper. She somehow saw them battling at the Light Castle (though no one else saw them) and she has been able to just think about him and find him. She would like him to help her find her aunt who means everything to her but she doesn’t know how to approach him. Honestly, she can’t believe that he hasn’t noticed her yet. Until he does. Then the force of his presence is something that she doesn’t expect. Neither of them expects the force of their attraction to each other as well. Instead of asking him to help her find her aunt she offers to help him figure out what the symbol on a human’s bookstore means. He has seen it before and knows it can’t be anything good. Unfortunately, the bookstore also has a symbol to keep the Fae out which means they must rely on a human to help them. That is if Death and Cael don’t want her out of the picture completely. Because as helpful as she can be she is told that the reason why Reapers are a legend is because all the Fae who know about them are killed. Even that threat won’t stop her from trying to help the enigmatic Dubhan.

Dubhan never got his revenge when he was betrayed and killed which makes him different than the other Reapers. It makes him less settled knowing that his betrayer is still out in the world having a jolly old time. Though he is a Reaper who keeps to himself he can’t help but be drawn to the Fae who has been following him. When he finally approaches her and calls her out on following him; he doesn’t expect the instant attraction to her. Nor the story that she tells him of how she found him. He knows he has to tell Death and Cael about her but he wants to make sure they know that she can be useful before they make a verdict about her. Especially since she has now put herself in the cross-hairs of The Others in order to help him. The information they find though is world shaking and is a game changer for the war that they are approaching with The Others. Only now they will have to declare themselves for or against the Dragon Kings.

Seriously. I stated it already but as a fan of the Dragon Kings you cannot miss this book. The information about The Others alone is a good reason to read this book. Though now that we are in deep with the second group of Reapers I honestly can’t wait to read Cathal’s and Aisling’s stories. They have been hinted at in the other books and I think that their stories will be so good. I am so glad that I got to read this novel early. In case you missed it here it is again: Don’t miss out on this novel! Read it!

—“‘I’m not the jealous type. Or at least I’ve not had reason to be in the past.’ He frowned. ‘Hmm. Maybe I am jealous.'” -Dubhan to Kyra—

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