Always Mine by Kennedy Fox

Published: January 7, 2020

So this is the final book with the Corrigan sisters and though it was ultimately really good and the ending left me panting for more it was not just a slow burn book it was slow. I’d say for the first 25% of the book it was just really slow. The back story was totally necessary to the storyline but it took so long to read! The struggle was really real during that part of the book. Though at about 50% we finally got to where the epilogue for the last book was and Liam introduces his friends to his wife. That was the part we had all been waiting for. But before I go any further I will state that I received an ARC for an honest review of this book and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion book.

Liam has been pushing Maddie away for three long, hard years. And when I say hard I mean hard. He has wanted her but knows she is too young for him and he isn’t good enough for her. So when he needs to get away from his stressful job and her temptation he makes his way to the card tables of Vegas. He wins some and loses some until he makes a decision that changes his life. He is now entangled with the Irish mob and is doing everything in his power to protect Maddie. Only that protection comes at a price and he is willing to pay for it in his happiness so long as she is safe. But what will he do when the situation is no longer in his control? Or did he only think it was in his control?

Maddie has wanted Liam and hasn’t made a secret of it to anyone. For years he has kept her at a distance and has paraded woman after woman in front of her. Well, now that they are under the same roof he can’t avoid her like he has been. He needs to confront his feelings for her because she knows that he has them. Only Maddie soon doubts everything when he brings home his wife. A wife who is the same age as her and he doesn’t have an issue with it (though that wasn’t mentioned in the book I feel like it should have been. Like seriously they are the SAME AGE and he doesn’t have any issues with Victoria). So now that he has his wife Maddie needs to figure out a way to move on with her life. But something is eating at her Hulk and even though she wants to she can’t just turn off her feelings. If she gets to the bottom of it maybe she’ll get her HEA.

Now that you know how I felt about the beginning of the book and my version of a summary I can tell you that the ending was so much better than the beginning. It was fast paced and left me devouring it to see what happens next. Though the characters made some stupid mistakes with the freaking mob watching them I think those still set up nicely for the next book and it’s gonna be a doozy. I mean by now readers should know how intense the endings for the first books in this duet series is and this one is no exception. Too bad the release date for the next one has been pushed back. But the middle of February will be here before we know it and we’ll get to see how Maddie and Liam get their HEA.

—-“Don’t flatter yourself. Zac Efron gets all my shower fantasies.” – Maddie to Liam—-

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